My "Rhein-1" Custom Screen for Leaf Spy Pro
(This screen was really designed for "landscape" mode with a second abridged screen designed for "landscape Multi Window" mode. However, that abridged landscape screen for Multi Window mode can be used in portrait if desired)


If you want to give it a try here is the link for the screen: ScrTR-D-1L.csv

Just download that file and place it in the CUSTOM SCREENS folder, under the LEAF_BT_CAN folder on your phone.

For Android phones you can use the My Files tool to move the ScrTR-D-1L.csv file to the CUSTOM SCREENS (from whatever folder you download it into). The My Files tool may be found in the "Samsung" folder after hitting the "Apps" icon on the home screen of the phone.


Here are day and night versions of the screen while driving:



Here are day and night versions of the screen while L2 charging:



Here are day and night versions of the screen while DC fast charging:



Below are descriptions of the fields on the screens followed by the variable numbers assigned by Leaf Spy.

Line 1 (left): Trip Time (10), Odometer (2), Ambient Temperature (3)

Line 1 ("Charging" Section on right): L1/L2 Count (70), Quick Charge Count (71), Plug State (72), Charge Mode (73)

Line 2 (left): Starting GIDS (14), Trip GIDS (15), Remaining GIDS (33)

Line 2 (right): Power Switch (90), Gear Position (91), Headlights (92), Winshield Wipers (93)

Line 3 (left): GIDS % (35), SOC (20)

Line 4 (left): Range (12), Distance (11)

Line 5 (left): Battery Wh (34), Energy Used (13)

Line 6 (left): AHr Remaining (32), AHr Capacity (24)

Line 7 (left): Command Torque (62), RPM (61)     (I just had some extra space so I included these)

Line 8 (left): SOH (21), Statement of Health/SOH/Hx (22)

"HV" Section: HV Volts (30), HV Battery Amps (31), HV Voltage Min (40), HV Voltage Max (41), HV Voltage Avg (42), HV Voltage Delta (43)

"Power" Section: Battery Power (51), Motor Power (50), Auxiliary Power (52), PTC Heater Power (53), A/C Power (54)

"Tire" Section: Front Left Tire Pressure (80), Front Right Tire Pressure (81), Rear Right Tire Pressure (82), Rear Left Tire Pressure (83), Tire Pressure Change (84)

"Temp" Section: Battery Temperature (23), Battery Temperature Rear Center (44), Battery Temperature Front Right (45), Battery Temperature Middle Right (47), Motor Temperature (60)

Hope you use it and enjoy it!



There is also an abridged version of the Rhein-1 screen that can be used in landscape multi-window (a.k.a. split-screen) mode.
The file is

Though the file needs to have a "P" suffix ("P" for Portrait) it was really designed for, and works best in, landscape multi-window.

Here are day and night versions of the screen while driving:


I use Android and also use Tasker quite often to make life easier. I created a Tasker task that runs when I get into my Leaf and the phone connects to the Leaf console. It allows rotation of the screen, Opens Waze, Opens Leaf Spy Pro, and goes into Multi Window mode to place both Leaf Spy Pro and Waze on the sreen side by side (the same as it appears in the screenshot above).

Tasker can be a bit of chore to understand but if you're familiar with Tasker just download the XML file and import it into Tasker for your use. (I think I had Tasker on my phone for a year before I poked around long enough to understand how to use it. Now I find it indispensable).


Some history of my car and charging habits:

Took delivery 09/30/2017 on Long Island, NY. The car had 32 miles on it.

Charge L2 at home most if time.

Found I had to charged to 100% the majority of the time in my first winter. (The cold limits battery efficiency and if I didn't charge to 100% I might not be able to round trip. Driving on cold nights, with headlights, heat, defrost, seat warmer, etc. took a surprising amount of GIDS.

I made a 25.5 mile trip at night, in the snow, in the dead of winter (headlights, heat, defrost, seat warmer) and took 168 GIDS. I made the same trip on an 85 degree day and it took 63 GIDS. When the car only starts with 363 GIDS (and at one point was only starting at 336 GIDS before my AHrs increased by 10% for whatever reason) that can be the difference between making two round trips on a single charge and needing to find somewhere to charge in freezing cold because you can't even make one round trip.

I was worried abouth my battery capacity and condition early on as it only showed 73 aHrs. I DCFC every week to seven days (though there's no set schedule) and soon noticed my battey capacity slowly climb from 73 aHr to close to 81aHrs. Sometimes my aHrs would dip a little and I would DCFC and, lo and behold, it would go up a bit after that. We'll see how things go after the first summer. Maybe I'll try charging to 80% once the temperature goes up and I consistently get more range.

I've gotten down close to Turtle a few times but, as of yet, have never seen the mythical Turtle.

Here's a little history of my mileage, AHrs, and charging methods.

Date odo mi AHr SOH Hx L1/L2 QC
10/25/2017 344.2 74.06 93.00% 89.05 15 2
 Nov 17 436.8 72.64 91.00% 87.65 18 2
 Dec 17 868.1 72.92 91.00% 87.82 41 2
 Jan 18 1263.2 73.57 92.56% 86.41 61 2
 Feb 18 2342.6 75.55 95.06% 88.29 89 3
 Mar18 3231.1 78.73 99.06% 91.70 101 9
 Apr 18 4405.5 80.10 100.78% 93.34 116 14
 May 18 5551.3 80.91 101.80% 94.44 131 19